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Aircraft Flown - 1972-2023

I've had the enjoyable opportunity to fly 107 different aircraft over the years, in 41 states and 16 countries, taking off or landing from 261 different locations worldwide. This list of my aircraft flown tallies those aircraft in which I have been the 'sole manipulator of the controls'. Although I have been in a number of other aircraft, and enjoyed 77 ocean crossings, any aircraft where I've merely been an observer or passenger are not included in this list.

BirdDog Aircraft #107 - Cessna O-1E BirdDog N4848M, first flown 1 Nov 2023 from Auburn, WA (S50) with owner Bob Stoney.

Highlander Aircraft #106 - Just Highlander N677SC, first flown 23 Jun 2023 from Auburn, WA (S50) with owner/builder Steve Cameron. Highlander FlightLog article.

Seneca Aircraft #105 - Piper PA-34-200 Seneca N16292, first flown 21 Nov 2022 from Paine Field, Everett, WA (KPAE) with Justin Drafts.

Beaver Aircraft #104 - De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver N89WZ, first flown 2 Oct 2022 from Tanglefoot Seaplane Base, Priest Lake, ID (D28) with owner Kevin Franklin. Beaver FlightLog article.

Comanche Aircraft #103 - Piper Comanche 250 N5771P, first flown 14 Sep 2022 at Puyallup, WA (KPLU) with instructor and previous owner Bob Ohara. Comanche FlightLog article.

T28 Aircraft #102 - North American T-28B N63NA, first flown 8 Jul 2022 at Bremerton, WA (KPWT) with owner Scott Urban, as #2 in a T-28 4-ship formation flight. T-28 FlightLog article.

180 Aircraft #101 - Cessna 180 N180TN, first flown 20 May 2021 at Evergreen Sky Ranch, WA (51WA) with owner Tom Jensen, leading a formation flight with Bob Stoney's O-1 Bird Dog N4848M. Bird Dog FlightLog article.

N3N Aircraft #100 - Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3 N44707, first flown 25 Mar 2021 at Evergreen Sky Ranch, WA (51WA) with owner Tom Jensen. Based at Evergreen Sky Ranch airport (51WA) in Black Diamond, WA. N3N FlightLog article.

DA20 Aircraft #99 - Diamond DA20-A1 N355NL, first flown 10 Mar 2021 at Arlington, WA (KAWO) with owner Nick Long. Based at Arlington, WA. DA20 FlightLog article.

RV14 Aircraft #98 - RV-14A N89K, first flown 3 Mar 2021 at Renton, WA (KRNT) with builder and owner Dave Miller. Based at Port Angeles, WA (KCLM). RV-14 FlightLog article.

Luscombe Aircraft #97 - Silvaire Luscombe 8E N1831K, first flown 7 Nov 2020 at Renton, WA (KRNT) with owner Ryan Georgi. Based at Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett, WA. Luscombe FlightLog article.

205 Aircraft #96 - Cessna 205 N8180Z, first flown 1 Sep 2020 at Renton, WA (KRNT) with owner Nick Aikins.

Ranger Aircraft #95 - Vashon Ranger R7 N131VR, first flown 8 May 2019, at Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett, WA with Ken Krueger, the Vashon Aircraft chief designer. N131VR is the Vashon Aircraft Ranger demonstrator. Ranger FlightLog article.

PA-23 Aircraft #94 - Piper PA-23 Apache Geronimo N4306Y, first flown 28 Feb 2019 at Renton, WA (KRNT) with owner George Johnson. PA-23 Geronimo FlightLog article.

Sling TSi Aircraft #93 - Sling TSi N135WT, first flown 8 Nov 2018, at Zamperini Field (KTOA) in Torrance, CA with Barry Jay, demonstration pilot with the Sling Aircraft Factory USA. Owned by Wayne Toddun. Sling TSi FlightLog article.

Caravan Aircraft #92 - Cessna 208 Caravan, first flown 24 Apr 2018, at Renton, WA (KRNT) with Dave Cummings, contract pilot for Craig McCaw.

RV-10 Aircraft #91 - Van's RV-10 N104ZU, first flown 13 Oct 2018 at Bremerton, WA (KPWT) with builder and owner Jim Ruttler. RV-10 FlightLog article.

Icon A5 Aircraft #90 - Icon A5 N920BA, first flown 10 Sep 2017 at Renton, WA (KRNT) with Macaela Wright, Icon demonstrator pilot. N920BA was based at the Nut Tree Airport (KVCB) in Vacaville, CA in 2017. Icon A5 FlightLog article.

Seabee Aircraft #89 - Republic Seabee N217G, first flown 2 Sep 2017 at Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett, WA with owner Tom Hoag. N217G is based at Arlington, WA (KAWO). Seabee FlightLog article.

IAR-823 Aircraft #88 - IAR 823 N66KB, first flown 2 Sep 2017 at Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett, WA with owner Vic Norris. N66KB is based at Bremerton, WA (KPWT.) IAR-823 FlightLog article.

177RG Aircraft #87 - Cessna 177RG N8828Y, first flown 29 Jun 2016 at Creve Coeur, MO (1H0) with owner Tom Conard.

Arrow Aircraft #86 - Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV N2242N, first flown 5 Dec 2015 from Spirit of St Louis (KSUS) in St. Louis, MO with Mike Landgraf, with the St. Louis Flying Club.

B-17 Aircraft #85 - Boeing B-17G N5017N, first flown 23 Jul 2015 from Oshkosh, WI (KOSH), with Neil Morrison on a re-position flight from Oshkosh, WI (KOSH) to Appleton, WI (KATW). B-17 FlightLog article.

Navion Aircraft #84 - Ryan Navion A N4591K, first flown 17 Jul 2015 from Renton, WA (KRNT) to Coeur d’Alene (KCOE) en route to Oshkosh, WI (KOSH) with owner Dave Desmon. N4591K is based in Everett, WA (KPAE). Navion FlightLog article.

RV-6 Aircraft #83 - Van's RV-6A N106RV, first flown 3 Jun 2015 at Spirit of St Louis (KSUS) in St. Louis, MO with Tom ‘Mikey’ Isenberg, with the Red Tail RV Club. RV-6 FlightLog article.

Gripen Aircraft #82 - Saab JAS-39D Gripen 39-822, first flown 2 Apr 2014 from Linköping, Sweden with Saab test pilot Richard Ljungberg. Gripen FlightLog article.

RV-8 Aircraft #81 - Van's RV-8 N420WM, first flown 10 Nov 2013 from Mesquite, TX (KHQZ) with owner Greg Trebon. RV-8 FlightLog article.

RV-12 Aircraft #80 - Van's RV-12 N122LD, first flown 1 Sep 2013 from Sequim, WA (W28) with builder and owner Dan Masys. N122LD is owned by Stephen Ford in Eugene, OR as of 2021. RV-12 FlightLog article.

Sinus Aircraft #79 - Pipistrel Sinus N6717P, first flown 22 Sep 2012 from the Nervino airport (O02) in Beckwourth, CA with builder and owner George Powers. Sinus FlightLog article.

WACO Aircraft #78 - Waco YMF-F5C N572TB, first flown 25 May 2012 from Lihue, HI (PHLI) with Kevin Britt from Tropical Biplanes, photo chase by Ma and Theresa in a Cessna 172 from Tropical Biplanes, flown by Nick Dubay. Owned by the WACO Classic Aircraft Corp in Battle Creek, MI as of 2021. WACO FlightLog article.

HP-24 Aircraft #77 - HP-24 Tetra-15 N599GK, first flown on 28 Jan 2012 from Arlington, WA (KAWO). Second flight for the aircraft, built and owned by Brad Hill, first gear retraction. HP-24 FlightLog article.

HP-24 Aircraft #76 - Aeronca 7AC Champ N83547, first flown on 23 Apr 2011 from Arlington, WA (KAWO) with Ron Bellamy, as I worked on a tailwheel endorsement. N835347 was sold to a Pennsylvania owner. On 1 Jun 2016, N83547 was substantially damaged after impacting an aircraft hangar following a total loss of engine power during a go-around at New Garden Airport (N57), in Toughkenamon, PA. Minor injuries only. N83547 was deregistered on 27 Feb 2019. Champ FlightLog article.

206 Aircraft #75 - Cessna U206C N29127, first flown 16 Apr 2011 from Puyallup, WA (KPLU) with owner Bob Jones. Bob raced T-6s for years at the Reno air races. 206 and T-6 FlightLog article.

RV-7 Aircraft #74 - Van's RV-7 N627RV, first flown 23 Jun 2010 from Bremerton, WA (KPWT) with owner Greg Williams. RV-7 FlightLog article.

CH701 Aircraft #73 - Zenith STOL CH701 N923S, first flown 23 Jun 2010 from Bremerton, WA (KPWT) with owner and builder Stan Mars. Stan sold N923S to Deane Philip in New Zealand, where the aircraft is registered as ‘JUG’. CH701 FlightLog article.

Taurus Aircraft #72 - Pipistrel Taurus C-GCGW, first flown 30 May 2010 at Ephrata, WA (KEPH), with owner Peter Timm. C-GCGW is based at the Pemberton Soaring Centre in Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada. Taurus FlightLog article.

Citabria Aircraft #71 - Bellanca 7KCAB Citabria N11858, first flown 15 Feb 2009 from Arlington, WA (KAWO) with owner Dan Teifke. On 2 Dec 2010, N11858 made a forced landing and was heavily damaged following a total loss of engine power near Corona, CA, with only minor injuries. N11858 was deregistered on 20 Sep 2017.

A36 Aircraft #70 - Beech A36 Bonanza N38RR, first flown 29 Dec 2008 from John Wayne airport, Santa Ana, CA (KSNA) with owner Jim Cummisky and Ma to Big Bear, CA (L35). N38RR is registered in Dayton, OH as of 2021. A36 FlightLog article.

ASH-25Mi Aircraft #69 - Schleicher ASH-25Mi N513WK, first flown on 29 Nov 2008 from Waimea-Kohala airport (PHMU) in Kamuela, HI with owner Woody Woods. N513WK was damaged in a landing accident on 7 Oct 2012. N513WK is registered in Rockford, IL as of 2021. ASH-25Mi FlightLog article.

340 Aircraft #68 - Cessna 340A N340RS, first flown 25 Sep 2008 from Auburn, WA (S50) with owner Doug Happe. N340RS is registered in Baton Rouge, LA as of 2021. 340 FlightLog article.

Stearman Aircraft #67 - Boeing Stearman A75J1 N245PT, first flown 13 Sep 2008 from Evergreen Sky Ranch Airport (51WA) in Black Diamond, WA with owner Rich Alldredge. Stearman FlightLog article.

Kitfox Aircraft #66 - Kitfox 4-1200 N328ML, first flown 20 Jun 2008 from the boat ramp at Mercer Island, WA with builder and owner Matthew Lum. Kitfox FlightLog article.

Harvard Aircraft #65 - Canadian Harvard MK IV N421QB, first flown 2 Apr 2008 from Anchorage, AK (PANC) with Robert ‘Cricket’ Renner. N421QB is registered to the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Airpower Museum in Dallas, TX as of 2021. Harvard FlightLog article.

CJ-6 Aircraft #64 - Nanchang CJ-6 VH-YUM, first flown 10 Dec 2006 from Gawler Airport (YGAW) in Gawler, South Australia with owner and re-builder Kevin Lewis. CJ-6 FlightLog article.

DG-303 Aircraft #63 - Glaser Dirks DG-303 Elan N303AM, first flown 18 Nov 2006 from Arlington, WA (KAWO). N303AM was owned by Brian Hood. N303AM is registered in Kalispell, MT as of 2021. DG-303 FlightLog article.

SR-20 Aircraft #62 - Cirrus SR-20 N43GR, first flown 28 Aug 2006 from St Mary's County Regional Airport (2W6) in Leonardtown, MD with owner Gil Rud, former Blue Angels lead in A-4s and F/A-18s. N43GR is registered in Scottsdale, AZ as of 2021. SR-20 FlightLog article.

Puchacz Aircraft #61 - SZD-50-3 Puchacz SP-3408, first flown 29 Jun 2006 from Zar airfield (EPZR) in Międzybrodzie Żywieckie, Poland with Polish instructor Miroslaw Nawoj. Puchacz FlightLog article.

304CZ Aircraft #60 - HPH 304CZ N304AK, first flown 30 May 2006 from Ephrata, WA (KEPH). N304AK was owned by Alan Kirlin. N304AK was deregistered on 1 Dec 2015, registered to Lithuania as LY-ZMZ. 304CZ FlightLog article.

Lake Aircraft #59 - Aerofab Lake LA-250 N84209, first flown 4 May 2006 from Auburn, WA (S50) with owner Doug Happe. N84209 is registered in Naples, FL as of 2021. Lake FlightLog article.

120 Aircraft #58 - Cessna 120 N4266N, first flown 26 Jan 2006 - Creve Coeur, MO with owner Tim Bischof. 120 FlightLog article.

Caproni Aircraft #57 - Caproni Calif A-21J N210CA, first flown 9 Jun 2005 from Ephrata, WA (KEPH) with owner and re-builder Dave 'Hammer' Harris. N210CA was deregistered on 28 Apr 2018. Caproni FlightLog article.

Swift Aircraft #56 - Globe GC-1B Swift N3800K, first flown 12 Nov 2004 from John Wayne airport, Santa Ana, CA (KSNA) with owner Jim Cummisky. N3800K was deregistered on 13 Mar 2018. Swift FlightLog article.

SR-22 Aircraft #55 - Cirrus SR-22G2 N558CD, first flown 27 Sep 2004 from Renton, WA (KRNT) with Cirrus demonstration pilot John Gauch, who flew in from Oregon for the demo, and Mark LaVille. N558CD is registered in Dover, DE as of 2021. SR-22 FlightLog article.

DG-1000 Aircraft #54 - DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000S N451CH, first flown 22 Sep 2003 from the Lake Tahoe airport (KTVL) in South Lake Tahoe airport, CA with owner Charlie Hayes. N451CH is registered to Bay Area Soaring Associates in Hollister, CA as of 2021. 18K flight video. DG-1000 FlightLog article.

Stemme Aircraft #53 - Stemme S10-VT N396TT, first flown 26 Oct 2002 from Warner Springs glider port (CL35) in Warner Springs, CA with Garrett Willat, instructor at Sky Sailing. Stemme FlightLog article.

Sundowner Aircraft #52 - Beech C23 Sundowner N6022U, first flown 21 May 2000 from Crest Airpark (S36), Kent, WA with owner John Van Horne en route to Ephrata with David. N6022U had a nose gear collapse after a hard landing at Merritt Island, FL (KCOI) on 3 Dec 2015, no injuries.

Capstan Aircraft #51 - Slingsby Capstan T.49 BPW, first flown 6 Aug 1999 from Bellarena, Northern Ireland with Ron Lapsley from the Ulster Gliding Club. BPW was last listed in storage in Midden-Zeeland, Netherlands in 2021. Capstan FlightLog article.

L-33 Aircraft #50 - LET L-33 Solo N355BA, first flown 21 Jun 1999 from Ephrata, WA (KEPH). David flew his first sailplane solo in an L-23 on the same day at Ephrata. Rear fuselage damaged in a landing incident, hitting a pothole, on 9 May 2020. L-33 FlightLog article.

ASK-21 Aircraft #49 - Schleicher ASK-21 G-DECZ, first flown 19 May 1999 from Wycombe Air Park, UK (EGBT), also known as Booker Airfield, with sailplane instructor and Concorde pilot David Byass. ASK-21 FlightLog article.

Bocian Aircraft #48 - SZD 9 Bocian BGA 4090 HPH, first flown 15 May 1999 at The Park (X2KD) in Kingston Deverill, UK with instructor Mike Edwards from the Bath Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club. Bocian FlightLog article.

Christen Eagle Aircraft #47 - Christen Eagle II N8EC, first flown 20 Jun 1998 from Arlington, WA (KAWO) with owner Bob Struth. N8EC was deregistered on 24 Feb 2014, exported to Russia. Christen Eagle FlightLog article.

140 Aircraft #46 - Cessna 140 N72732, first flown 1 May 1996 from Barrow County Airport in Winder, GA (KWDR) with shared owner and sailplane pilot Jim Hogue. N72732 is owned by Kenneth Gwyn in Mt Airy, NC as of 2021.

Astir Aircraft #45 - Grob G102 Astir CS N141SS, first flown 4 Feb 1995 from Arlington, WA (KAWO). Current owner is Movses Babayan in Monroe, WA as of 2021.

L-23 Aircraft #44 - LET Super Blanik L-23 N264BA, first flown 9 Jul 1994 at Ephrata, WA (KEPH) with instructor Wayne Woodmansee. Still active with Evergreen Soaring at Arlington, WA (KAWO) as of 2021.

Spair Time Aircraft #43 - Balloon Works Firefly 7 N4070T 'Spair Time’, first flown 25 Jul 1992 in Auburn, WA with owner Linda Doherty and Theresa. Crewed and flown many times in the Washington skies, and also crewed in Reno, NV. Deregistered on 19 Nov 2002 in Federal Way, WA.

Illusion Aircraft #42 - Adams AX8 N1060G A-55S ‘Illusion’, first flown 2 Sep 1989 near Snohomish, WA with Ted Hunsberger and Dennis Murphy, coordinated by Brad Nieil. Illusion was owned by Richard Glas, but loaned to the other pilots, chased by Ma and Ted's Hunsberger's wife.

Silver Lining Aircraft #41 - Balloon Works Firefly 8B N7405M 'Silver Lining’, first flown 23 Jul 1989 near Snohomish, WA with owner Richard Glas and three passengers, landed in Monroe, WA after cruising at low level into a pre-planned clover-filled landing site for a champagne dinner. Deregistered on 11 Oct 2012 in Sedona, AZ.

182 Aircraft #40 - Cessna 182M N71784, first flown 11 May 1986 from Alamogordo, NM with White Sands Soaring Association tow pilot Mark Mallet. N71784 suffered a hard landing on 5 Jul 2010, with firewall, engine mount, fuselage and propeller damage. N71784 was deregistered in 2019.

F-106 Aircraft #39 - Convair F-106B 57-2545, first flown 6 Dec 1984 from Minot AFB, ND (KMIB) with Charlie Ross. 57-2545 is disassembled outdoors at Bissell Frame and Auto Body in St Louis, MO as of 2021. F-106 FlightLog article.

G-103 Aircraft #38 - Grob G-103 Twin Astir D-3063, first flown 16 Jun 1984 from the former Bremgarten AB, Germany with German F-4 pilot Volker Nass. D-3063 was re-registered as G-DHCA in 2013 with the Midland Gliding Club, UK.

G-109 Aircraft #37 - Grob G-109 D-KIPI, first flown 10 Jun 1984 from the former Bremgarten AB, Germany with Hans Joachim Lott.

Round Trip Aircraft #36 - Raven S-55A N57067 'Round Trip’, first flown 29 Oct 1983 near North Las Vegas, NV with owner Warren Haile, during the Clark County Balloon Race. N57067 was deregistered 23 Apr 2013 from San Francisco, CA.

F-111 Aircraft #35 - General Dynamics F-111A 67-090, first flown 23 Jul 1982 from Mountain Home AFB, ID (KMUO) with Greg Maier, ex-Soesterberg F-4 pilot. Scrapped 28 Feb 28 2001. F-111 FlightLog article.

CF-5D Aircraft #34 - Northrop CF-5D Canadian Forces 116845, first flown 28 Apr 1982 in Cold Lake CFB, Alberta, Canada with ‘Carlos’ Turner, 433 Squadron. 116845 was decommissioned and registered in 2009 as N845PS, flying with Tactical Air Support Inc. out of Reno, NV. F-5 FlightLog article.

Skipper Aircraft #33 - Beech 77 Skipper N3809U, first flown 20 Mar 1982 from Eglin AFB, FL (KVPS) with instructor Joe Rezzardy from the Eglin Aero Club. N3809U is still active in Russellville, OH as of 2021.

F-16 Aircraft #32 - General Dynamics F-16B Belgian Air Force FB-11, first flown 15 Oct 1981 from Soesterberg AB, Netherlands (EHSB) with Capt. Crickle, 350 Squadron, Belgian Air Force. FB-11 crashed on 23 Jun 1993 while attached to the Belgian Flight Test Centre, Maj Frank Dewinne and LC Marc D'Espallier, ejected without injuries. Frank Dewinne was at the controls, and later became a Belgian astronaut. F-16 FlightLog article.

F-104 Aircraft #31 - Lockheed CF-104D Canadian Forces 104658, first flown 19 Aug 1980 from Soesterberg AB, Netherlands with Maj. John David, 433 squadron Canadian Forces. 104658 was later sold to the Turkish Air Force in 1986, with a new tail number of 64-658. F-104 FlightLog article.

ASK-13 Aircraft #30 - Schleicher ASK-13 PH-463, first flown 30 Mar 1980 from Soesterberg AB, Netherlands (EHSB), winch launch with the Soesterberg gliding club (Zweefvliegveld Soesterberg).

KC-135 Aircraft #29 - Boeing KC-135A 62-3560, first flown 17 May 1979 from Hellenikon Air Base, Athens, Greece, on an F-15 refueling mission with Jeff Whatley, USAFA ’76. 62-3560 was dispositioned to the AMARC boneyard on 16 Jun 1994, then dispositioned to HVF West, Tucson, AZ on 14 Nov 2018 for scrapping. KC-135 FlightLog article.

152 Aircraft #28 - Cessna 152 N757QG, first flown 4 Nov 1978 from Langley AFB, VA (KLFI) with Steve Beck, rented from the Langley AFB Aero Club. Deregistered 16 Oct 2002 by Alston M. Stevens, listed as destroyed. Sister ship N757GQ pictured.

Sierra Aircraft #27 - Beech B24R Sierra N1953L, first flown 29 Oct 1978 from Langley AFB, VA (KLFI) with Steve Beck, rented from the Langley AFB Aero Club. Registered to Shawn Wyatt in Ft Worth, TX as of 2021.

F-15 Aircraft #26 - McDonnell Douglas F-15B 76-0137, first flown 23 May 1978 from Luke AFB, Glendale, AZ with instructor Capt Robbie Robinson. 76-0137 was dispositioned to the AMARC boneyard on 13 Jun 1994, then dispositioned to HVF West, Tucson, AZ on 24 Apr 2015 for scrapping. My total Eagle time in F-15 A/B/C/D is 1758.1 hours.

Warrior Aircraft #25 - Piper PA-28-140 N1880J, first flown 4 Feb 1978 from Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, NM (KHMN). Flew my commercial SEL check flight in N1880J on 25 Feb 1978 from Alamogordo, NM (KALM). N1880J was deregistered on 19 May 2009. Currently owned PA-28 in photo, 1130+ hours in N313DC as of 2023. Warrior FlightLog article.

PT-23A Aircraft #24 - Fairchild PT-23A N64225, first flown 29 Jan 1978 from Alamogordo, NM (KALM), back seat flight towing the White Sands Soaring Association 2-22. Registered to the Cloud Dancer Flying Club in Winter Haven, FL as of 2021.

150 Aircraft #23 - Cessna 150M N6158K, first flown 27 Jan 1978 from Alamogordo, NM (KALM) with Scott Anderson. N6158K was deregistered on 11 Feb 2013 from Scottsdale, AZ. Sister ship N6151K pictured.

DC-3 Aircraft #22 - Douglas DC-3A-S1C3G N17890, first flown 16 Jul 1977 from Elsinore, CA (CA89), jump ship with Greg Trebon. Deregistered on 2 Mar 1990. DC-3 FlightLog article.

170 Aircraft #21 - Cessna 170 N2594V, first flown 16 Jul 1977 from Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ (KFFZ) with owner Greg Trebon. N2594V was later destroyed in a post-accident fire after striking a dirt berm during takeoff on 26 Jan 2014 from private dirt strip near Wikieup, AZ.

T-38 Aircraft #20 - Northrop T-38A 63-8111, first flown 27 Jun 1977 from Williams AFB, Chandler, AZ with instructor Capt D. Pohlman. T-38 FlightLog article.

T-37 Aircraft #19 - Cessna T-37B 67-14730, first flown 9 Feb 1977 from Williams AFB, Chandler, AZ with instructor 1Lt Dave Svetz. T-37 FlightLog article.

Sparrow Hawk Aircraft #18 - Balloon Works Firefly 6B N27040 'Sparrow Hawk’, first flown 20 Nov 1976 from Glendale, AZ with owner Jim Baldo. N27040 was deregistered 8 Jun 2009 from Oklahoma City, OK.

Hot Stuff Aircraft #17 - Raven RX-6 N6396L 'Hot Stuff’, first flown 20 Nov 1976 from Glendale, AZ with owner Gary Foutz. N6396L was deregistered 13 Feb 2013 from Corrales, NM.

Green Bean Aircraft #16 - Thunder AX-6-56A N4HD 'Green Bean’, first flown 25 Oct 1976 from North Scottsdale, AZ with owner Gene Bennett. N4HD was deregistered 16 Sep 2013 from San Antonio, TX.

Turquoise Bandit Aircraft #15 - Raven S-50A N54723 'Turquoise Bandit’, first flown 16 Oct 1976 from Simms Field, Albuquerque, NM with owner Bill Flynt. Flew with both Bill and Suzi Flynt in Albuquerque and their home in Roswell, NM. N54723 was deregistered 18 Apr 2013 from Roswell, NM.

L-13 Aircraft #14 - LET Blanik L-13 N3204F, first flown 28 Aug 1976 from Turf Gliderport, Phoenix, AZ with instructor Cory Miller from Turf Soaring. N3204F was damaged in a landing accident on 18 May 1984. Registered in North Hampton, NH as of 2021.

Phoebus Aircraft #13 - Bölkow Phoebus C-1 N3018, first flown 14 May 1976 from the USAF Academy airfield, CO (KAFF). First USAFA cadet to fly the Phoebus. Still flying with Jon Stark at Kelly Airpark, Elbert CO (CO15). Phoebus FlightLog article.

1-34 Aircraft #12 - Schweizer SGS 1-34 N65912, first flown 2 May 1976 from the former Black Forest gliderport, east of Colorado Springs, CO. Had a collision with trees on 5 Dec 1980. Still flying in Buffalo, WY as of 2021.

2-32 Aircraft #11 - Schweizer SGS 2-32 N2421W, first flown 2 May 1976 from the former Black Forest gliderport, east of Colorado Springs, CO. N2421W was substantially damaged on landing when hitting trees on 10 Jul 1979. N2421W was deregistered on 11 Apr 2013. Pictured is sister ship N2477W over Black Forest, CO.

T-41 Aircraft #10 - Cessna T-41C N7873N, first flown 20 Aug 1975 from the USAF Academy airfield, CO (KAFF). Still flying with the Kirkland AFB, NM aero club as of 2021.

F-4 Aircraft #9 - McDonnell Douglas F-4D 66-7693, first flown 18 Jun 1975 from Eglin AFB, FL (KVPS), with Capt Bill Magill during the USAF Academy’s 3rd Lt program. Preserved with North Dakota ANG at Fargo, ND, painted as 66-7478. F-4 FlightLog article.

Falcon-A Aircraft #8 - Piccard AX-6 N74US ‘Falcon-A’, first flown 18 Aug 1974 from the USAF Academy, CO, with Del Cornali to 11,300 feet on my first balloon flight. N74US was deregistered on 9 Oct 1985.

Super Cub Aircraft #7 - Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub N8103Y, first flown 8 Aug 1974 from the USAF Academy airfield, CO (KAFF) while towing a USAFA sailplane. Registered to William Bleazard in Sandy, UT as of 2021.

1-26 Aircraft #6 - Schweizer SGS 1-26D N7735S, first flown 10 Feb 1974 from the USAF Academy airfield, CO (KAFF). N7735S was deregistered on 11 Jan 1977 from the USAF Academy. N2426W pictured, another USAFA 1-26, in-flight photo by ‘Lucky’ Eckman while I was flying.

Chief Aircraft #5 - Aeronca 11AC Chief N9589E, first flown 1 Jan 1974 from a snow-covered field near Taberg, NY with owner Keith Tucker. Keith slammed N9589E onto the ice while landing on a local lake during our flight, bending the frame under the front cowl. N9589E was deregistered.

172 Aircraft #4 - Cessna 172F N5268F, first flown 30 Sep 1973 from the USAF Academy airfield, CO (KAFF) with instructor J.W. Bullock with the USAF Academy Aero Club. Latest status as a non-airworthy maintenance trainer, with unofficial N-number N172VU, at Vincennes University, Indianapolis, IN in 2021.

2-22 Aircraft #3 - Schweizer SGU 2-22E N5824V, first flown 23 Jul 1973 from the USAF Academy airfield, CO (KAFF) with cadet instructor Robert Belkowski. N5824V was deregistered on 22 May 2013 from owner Tim Cislo in Honolulu, HI.

2-33 Aircraft #2 - Schweizer SGS 2-33A N7538, first flown 23 Jul 1973 from the USAF Academy airfield, CO (KAFF) with cadet instructor Robert Belkowski. N7538 was deregistered on 18 Nov 2014 from the Civil Air Patrol from Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL.

T-33 Aircraft #1 - Lockheed T-33A 58-0587, first flown 28 Jul 1972 from Peterson Field, Colorado Springs, CO (KCOS), flew aileron rolls, inverted flight, then flew by Pike’s Peak. 58-0587 was sent to the boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ on 30 Jul 1975.